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Coronavirus 2020: Visit this page for updates and resources.

Let's stay connected during the corona virus stay-at-home time. If you have Trinity photos to share, please share them via this email address: trinitylansingburgh@gmail.com. You can send photos of yourself and family as you remain sequestered in your home and neighborhood OR photos of past parish events. 

Trinity photo blog: trinitylansingburgh.blogspot.com  (Updated 3/23/2020)


The Rev. Dr. Desmond C. Francis, Rector

Sunday Eucharist Service at 9:30 A.M.

Sunday School is held in the church classroom during the service.

Coffee hour follows service.

Wednesday Healing Service at 10:00 a.m in Parish Hall

Upcoming Events:  Check the calendar for more listings.                

All services and gatherings are cancelled until further notice.

Sun. April 12                          9:30 AM EASTER Holy Eucharist

Sun. April 19                          9:30 AM Holy Eucharist

Sun. April 26                         9:30 AM Holy Eucharist

Sat. May 16                            9 AM - 2 PM Annual Garden Fair

Do you have mobility issues? Trinity has ramps that allow wheelchair access to both the church and to the parish hall.

Trinity Calendar

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Trinity Church Lansingburgh - 585 4th Avenue (Corner of 115th Street and 4th Avenue) - Troy, NY 12182 - (518) 235-3873